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Cerita rakyat asal usul kota surabaya dalam bahasa inggris

Halo Sobat, Ketemu lagi di blog saya "http://fortive.blogspot.com/" kali ini kita akan membahas tentang Cerita rakyat asal usul kota surabaya dalam bahasa inggris  yang sangat menarik untuk anda baca dan pelajari. semoga dengan artikel Cerita rakyat asal usul kota surabaya dalam bahasa inggris  yang telah saya tulis ini dapat membantu dan bermanfaat bagi anda. Langsung saja, bacalah artikel berikut :

Cerita rakyat asal usul kota surabaya dalam bahasa inggris

Cerita rakyat asal usul kota surabaya dalam bahasa inggris - dapat anda baca secara lengkap dan jelas cerita rakyat ini di bawah ini :

Formerly, in the vast ocean frequent fights between Shark Sura with Crocodile. They fight over prey scramble. Both are equally strong, equally competent, equally smart, equally ferocious and equally greedy. Already many times they fight nobody ever wins or lose. Eventually they entered into the agreement. The deal is to divide the territory into two. Sura ruled supreme in the water and had to find their prey in the water, while crocodiles barkuasa on land and prey must be located on the mainland. As the boundary between land and water, is reached by sea water at low tide. The deal was approved by both.
With the division of the territory, it is no longer a fight between Sura and Crocodile. Both have agreed to respect each region. But one day, Sura Shark prey in the river. This is done in secret so as crocodiles do not know. At first it did not get caught. But one day Crocodile caught deeds Shark Sura ini.Tentu just very angry crocodile sharks Sura broke his promise. Shark Sura who feel no guilt calm. "I violated the agreement? Was not this river berair.Bukankah I've told you, that I was a ruler in water? Now, the river is right there is water, so it also includes regional power," Shark said Sura. "What? River right place on the ground, while the area of ​​your power in the sea, meaning the river is darerah my power!" Crocodile insisted. "Can not. I did not tell you that the water was only sea water, but also the river" said Sharks Sura? "You deliberately asking for trouble, Sura?" "No, I think the reason is quite strong and I was on the part of the right!" Sura said. "You deliberately palming. I'm not as stupid as you think!" Crocodile said getting angry. "I do not care you stupid or clever, which importance of river water and sea water are my power!" Sura did not want to lose. Because no one wants to budge, then fierce battle between Sura and Crocodile Shark happen again.
The fight this time more fun and awesome. Jump and pounce on each other, biting and hitting each other. In an instant, the water around it becomes red by the blood from the wounds of the two animals. They continue to fight tooth and nail without a break. In this fierce battle, Crocodile Shark Sura got bites right at the base of its tail. Furthermore, its tail was forced to always bend to the left. While fish Sura also bitten her tail until almost severed, and Sura fish back into the ocean. Crocodiles have been satisfied to maintain the area.
The battle between fish shark called Sura and Crocodile is very memorable in the hearts of the people of Surabaya. Therefore, the name of Surabaya has always been linked to these events. From peritiwa is then made that the symbol of Surabaya picture "sura fish and crocodiles".

Dengan artikel diatas, saya sebagai author minta maaf jika terjadi kesalahan penulisan, ejaan, danb sebagainya. Terima Kasih karena anda telah membaca artikel Cerita rakyat asal usul kota surabaya dalam bahasa inggris  ini.

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